365: Day 6


Rainy Window

December 6, 2013. Rain, rain, rain.

I was stuck inside most of yesterday due to the rain so I had to make do with indoor subjects. This is a framed map of Paris that Sean has hanging on the wall. I got low and angled the camera up towards the Eiffel Tower to mimic the effect of standing beneath the real thing.


The rainy weather may not have been the best for taking pictures but it was great for getting work done. Here’s my workspace – a limited view to shield you from the clutter.


I used the Antique Light preset in Lightroom and made some adjustments including adding some post-crop vignetting and a little bit of graininess to give my 21st century workspace an older feel.

At the end of the day, I wasn’t thrilled with any of the pictures I had taken so I decided to take a stab at light painting. This quickly devolved into Sean and I playing our own version of pictionary with the cat’s laser pointer and a 13 second exposure. Turns out drawing with a laser is really hard! Or, we’re just terrible at it. Either way…so much fun.

There were dinosaurs…

Laser Dinosaur Sean








Laser Dinosaur Kelly








Cats and dogs…

Laser Cat








Laser Dog








Plenty of scribbles…

Laser Scribbles








And a scribbly tornado…

Scribbly Laser Tornado










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