365: Days 245-259

DSC_0105-4 (Custom)

August 1 – August 15, 2014. Back on Track (Part 1).

Here’s a mixture of camera and cell photos. There are the usual nature and garden photos, a new photoshop project, an art show, and some everyday randomness.

1K1A0094-2 (Custom)

DSC_0098-2 (Custom)

DSC_0048-2 (Custom)

1K1A5207-2 (Custom)

DSC_0053 (Custom)

1K1A5209 (Custom)

DSC_0095 (Custom)

DSC_0078-2 (Custom)

DSC_0058 (Custom)

DSC_0065-4 (Custom)

DSC_0090 (Custom)

DSC_0125 (Custom)

IMAG0740 (Custom)

IMAG0765 (Custom)

IMAG0731 (Custom)

DSC_0035 (Custom)

DSC_0086 (Custom)

IMAG0736 (Custom)

1K1A3634 (Custom)

ForestHouse_3 (Custom)




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