365: Days 260-274


1K1A5339 (Custom)

August 16 – 31, 2014. Back on Track (Part 2).

Another mix of cell phone and camera pictures.

1K1A5301 (Custom)

1K1A5196-5 (Custom)

1K1A5176-2 (Custom)

1K1A5352-2 (Custom)

1K1A5329 (Custom)

1K1A5323 (Custom)

1K1A5777-5 (Custom)

1K1A6550-2 (Custom)

DSC_0092 (Custom)

DSC_0100 (Custom)

IMAG0758 (Custom)

IMAG0754 (Custom)

IMAG0752 (Custom)

IMAG0744 (Custom)

IMAG0743 (Custom)

IMAG0740 (Custom)

1K1A5199 (Custom)

1K1A5867 (Custom)

1K1A5794-3 (Custom)

HeronHouse-1 (Custom)

1K1A5969 (Custom)

1K1A8872 (Custom)

1K1A8829-3 (Custom)

SleepyGus-8 (Custom)


1K1A0147 (Custom)

1K1A5831 (Custom)

1K1A5800 (Custom)

1K1A5855 (Custom)

1K1A5773 (Custom)

1K1A5884 (Custom)

1K1A5956 (Custom)

1K1A0381-5 (Custom)

1K1A0339 (Custom)

1K1A0330-2 (Custom)

1K1A0393 (Custom)

1K1A0392 (Custom)

1K1A1365 (Custom)



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